John Simm as Moose (Mike) - Moving On series 2 episode 4 (2010)

Tolerance will never be acceptance. Just saying.

  • A: Uh-oh.. Dead mouse.
  • Harry: Does it need batteries or something?
  • A: No. I mean dead MOUSE. The cat brought us a gift.
  • Harry: Oh.


So. Yes.
I couldn’t wait for the NHS to send me an appointment (I’ve been waiting since August, when I sent them my papers. I have been waiting more, actually, for years, but that’s another story. I dont want to spend all my life waiting and dying from anxiety and dysphoria, thank you) so I just booked an appointment with Dr. Curtis at the London Gender Clinic. 23rd of June.
I’ve been better financially lately, since I have some projects, but still I need to save for appointments and transport and stuff but now I started feeling anxious about the cost of T. I searched online but I think I got a bit confused.

I am eligible for income support and I hope nothing bad happens to that, I’ll be ok if I get it, but I still worry.
Is anyone taking T prescribed by Dr Curtis in the UK, or knows about that and can provide info?

Sample of my colouring work in Slashermania
The guy deserves some romance and not into quickies







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that’s my dad. I am SO proud of him. he isn’t even a real whovian and he accepted to cosplay as the First Doctor for my fan video

your dad is the coolest oh my god

We’ve got the Troughton Era covered!

//More team 2!  The Second Doctor: Demon-Vice-Commander  Jamie McCrimmon: Slythgeek  Zoe Heriot: Me (Marchingintime)

II would like to put my friends Scott and Rachel forward for Three and Jo! Look at them!image

i’d like to nominate harrysaxonpm for delgado

Costume finished as far as I’m concerned. I finally found something that holds my hair back:P I only need to make the TCE (tissue compression eliminator) and I’m set for November.

oddtogs for susan

lilprince for the brigadier

lifeiscandy for romana ii


tennantbutt for five (you knew this was coming)

recast me as five in the fiftieth anniversary

afixwithsontarans for ainley

[death zone flashback]

eloralouistra for cia


and can i also put my own name forward for victoria waterfield please thank you

I am so flattered, someone mentioned my cosplay :}
Amazing work, people, keep the cosplays coming and soon we’ll be able to make all the eps:P

Zagreus smiths and then eats bread :P

Really glad to announce I’ll start working on another comic-book called Freak Out Squares. It’s colourful and so trippy and sci-fi-ish and good for you, so, I’ll keep you posted about how it goes.

So yeah, have a drunk!Delgado:P
Yesterday I attended a scifi night at the pub and I somehow managed to get sloshed with only 3 0.5lt bottles of ale. Too strong for me I suppose, I’m an old man now:P

Prey, This April on ITV: Full Trailer

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το σουβλακι/καλαμακι παντα με κανει να θελω να αυτοκτονησω δεν ξερω γιατι

Nomizw oti symfwnw :S

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how about Doctor W?

Sounds like a villain:P

When people write “Dr. Who” instead of “Doctor Who” or “The Doctor”
The souvlaki/kalamaki dispute
People that think comics are all about BANG! ZOOM! PUFF!

I am convinced Petyr Baelish is an AU Master:PJust finished book 3. I love this character.

I am convinced Petyr Baelish is an AU Master:P
Just finished book 3. I love this character.

"…For hands of gold are always cold but a woman’s hands are warm"
— A Song of Ice and Fire