I started HRT and I made a journal documenting my transition from female to male. Pretty TMI at times, if that’s not your thing, well, you shouldn’t go there. This blog is for me, for trans men that are curious about how transition might work and for people that want to understand more things about transitioning. All opinions are my own and the info there has to do with me and me alone. (also, it’s still cooking)

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Question6 Simm's in yer top 10? I was sure there would be at least 8 Simm's. You slipping Bro, you slipping! Pretty soon you'll only re-watch Life on Mars every second year! Why do you wana make Simm cry man? Answer

I’m not your Bro.
I watch more things than that, top 10s are difficult, but better than top 5s. Also, I havent realized there’s a minimum for rewatches so you can be a fan. I like what I like:P
Also also, dont do that thing, dont be the person that makes a plural with an apostrophe, or your friends will make fun of you. Or even strangers, like me (even if technically you’re the stranger here, but anyway).

(PS. I dont want to make him cry, but he does cry beautifully and this is why he gets all the good drama roles:P)

I was tagged by ask-steelflower-and-flamewriterto write down my tv show top 10 (order’s not necessary)

1. Exile
2. Doctor Who
3. Life On Mars
4. Mad Dogs
5. Prey
6. Broadchurch
7. Intruders
8. In The Flesh
9. Hannibal
10. Breaking Bad

ask-steelflower-and-flamewriter replied to your photo “After years of waiting, I started:) The nurse that gave me the…”

Grow a Delgado!Master beard…fits you.

We’ll see how much luck I have with facial hair and how long it’ll take. I hope I can :)

After years of waiting, I started:) The nurse that gave me the injection was the best nurse. Now we’ll see how that goes (but dont expect me to grow a goatee in a month or such:P)

  1. Camera: LG Electronics LGP500
  2. Focal Length: 4mm


Gustave Doré, Ezekiel’s vision of the Valley of Dry Bones, 1866

Good luck :) You’ll be fab. And a nice lunch is a nice lunch can’t say no to that!

Thanks:) I’m more concerned about blood pressure  and glucose or something because guys told me they fainted. I am not a fan of fainting:P

Ok. It’s my first testosterone shot tomorrow.
I’ll be on Nebido (1000mg/4ml). I wonder if there’s something I can do to prepare for that, like have a nice lunch, try to relax.
I don’t expect anyone to comment, so I’m mostly talking to myself.

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QuestionYou should dress up as a vampire, scary and alluring at the same time. Answer

Thanks, dear anon, I was thinking about that and wondering whether it’d suit me :)

Soooo, were I to dress up for Halloween, what should I dress up as?

A trans man just asked me what does testosterone do and why will I start taking it. I have no problem explaining things like that, but I don’t understand how is it possible to find yourself in a situation like that and NOT research at least a bit about your “condition”.
Hm. I guess not everyone feels the need to read on that, but I know that for years I’ve been reading things, following scientific developments and reading research papers.
It’s weird though, I wish I could understand it better.

  1. Camera: LG Electronics LGP500
  2. Focal Length: 4mm

Having watched and rewatched Broadchurch , trying to watch Gracepoint is WEIRD. SO weird.