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@ The Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre

  1. Camera: LG Electronics LGP500
  2. Focal Length: 4mm
  1. Camera: LG Electronics LGP500
  2. Focal Length: 4mm

*about to fav a post*
*see they spelled “villain” as “villian”*
*continue scrolling*

23rd Septermber, 2011
Farmer’s market in Kakheti, Georgia

Whenever I post I lose followers. Uh.. getting mixed signals here peeps.

  1. Camera: LG Electronics LGP500
  2. Focal Length: 4mm

Wow, I havent realized how much bulk I’ve lost since last year when I bought this pair of cargo shorts. Still not good enough tho (also, belts are our friends)


Ok, I’ve reached 500 followers. Let’s see how long that’ll last (I give it 3 hours:P)

LOL lasted 2 hours, now back on 499 followers, so, no, I’m not thanking you:P

Ok, I’ve reached 500 followers. Let’s see how long that’ll last (I give it 3 hours:P)

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Για να το γραψω κ στα ελληνικα, κανενα οβολo βρε παιδια να βρουμε την υγεια μας; Εαν δεν μπορειτε να βοηθησετε χρηματικα βοηθηστε με ενα reblog

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHi! I just wanted to ask you: Where did you watch the new Doctor Who episode? I hope you don't mind answering. Answer

I DLed it. It’s on some torrent sites under the name Doctor Who ep1 unedited, as far as I’m concerned it’s still online (I found it on PirateBay and it’s also on Lime Torrents)

Ok, Doctor Who s08 ep01 verdict:
Peter Capaldi was as good as I expected him to be. He’s brilliant as always. Nice.

Not saying anything more :}


  1. Always post the rules
  2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
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  4. Actually tell them you tagged them
    (I don’t think I’ll do the 11 new questions, rule 3 and 4, so yeah I am a  partypooper and miseryguts:P)

Questions ( themindprobe ):

  1. Where would you move if you could live anywhere on Earth?
    I wouldn’t move, I think. I like it here, a lot. And I hate moving :( I hate it :/

  2. What’s your favorite album cover?
    Ooh, tough! And I can never choose one, so, here’s a list:P
    The Stone Roses – Made Of Stone
    Radiohead – Hail To The Thief
    Pink Floyd – Umma Gumma
    Thorns - Thorns
    Ulver- Perdition City
    Pulp – Different Class (wedding cover)
    Once Upon A Time In The West OST (this particular cover)
    There, I gave 7 so it’s a lucky answer:P

  3. Tell me a story about the most embarrassing thing a parent or someone has ever caught you doing.
    I was always secretive, so nothing.

  4. Whose the best Batman?
    Bruce Timm’s one and Tim Sale’s. Oh. You mean actors. Films. Ugh. Um.
    Christian Bale but possibly with less of the “omg my throat is so sore” thing:P

  5. What’s the ONE feature your dream house HAS to have?
    Me:P Heh. I’d have to say SPACE. Like a lot. I need space to work, I need space  to transform, I need space to control and~ Ahem. Yes. Loads of space.

  6. What’s your favorite cereal?
    Must be Rice Crispies. *shrugs*

  7. Do you hit on people or get hit on more? Do you think thats because culture or just part of your personality?
    People don’t hit on me and I usually don’t find people interesting enough so as to hit on anyone. Last time someone hit on me they were disappointed and disappeared soon after, because they thought I was a lesbian but I told them I’m a trans man (but I accepted the cigarette they made for me because sometimes I like smoking and, hell, when people offer me things I take them:P).
    When the person’s right I think I can be charming, playful.

  8. Have you ever faked being drunk?
    For RP and for fun sometimes.

  9. If I gave you $30 and told you you HAVE to spend it NOW and on something UTTERLY frivolous, what would you buy?
    Frivolous? Oh, man, that’s so hard :S Dumbbells :P Or Wellies. Nah, just dumbbells, I think.

  10. Do you think there really is less dignity in being kept alive for years while you’re in a coma?
    Oh, boy, can of worms. Ok, I am all for dignity and I know I’d hate to be kept like that, it’s bad for your loved ones. If there was any indication that you’d have a chance of coming back and recovering, then maybe, but I think everyone has the right to choose when they want to die, but unfortunately you can’t do that while in a coma. I don’t know how long is long, but after a while you’d have to let go and your loved ones would have to let go, for the good of both sides. And even if you’re one of those coma cases that are trapped inside their bodies… where’s the dignity in that? That’s no life. It’s only you and your thoughts. That’s maddening. I get messed up when I think too much, imagine being unable to do anything else…

  11. If you had to get a tattoo right NOW, where and what?
    Right wrist, this. It’s an Ouroboros tattoo, from Fullmetal Alchemist. But it’ll have to wait, I decided to use tattoos to mark significant steps in my transition, so this is my 2nd tattoo and I’ll get it after I start taking testosterone.

Questions ( itsybitsylemonsqueezy ):

  1. Worst ship name you have ever seen?
    Thoschei. I hate those name merges. And technically it’d be Kos-ta :P No, sorry, Master/Doctor works for me just fine and dandy.

  2. Which do you wish was real, magic or alchemy? (Doesn’t have to be Hogwarts style magic, just fyi)
    I’d say alchemy, but you’d have to use equivalent exchange and there would be a limited range of things you’d be able to do, I think, so, with a heavy heart, magic. *sighs*

  3. Congratulations! You are now the headmaster/principal/founder/president of your very own school! What is your school going to teach? What will you call it? Will it replace academic school or be additional?
    It’s going to sound vague as hell, but my school would teach arts (all arts), gender studies, philosophy and psychology. It’d deal a lot with interpersonal relationships, people would be encouraged to talk to each other a lot, about how they think, their experiences. No one would be forced to study something they didn’t like or need. I dunno, I’d be a rubbish founder prolly.

  4. If you were a fruit, what would you be?
    Seriously, this question was put here just to spite ME:P I hate answering questions like that:P If I were a fruit, I wouldn’t know what kind of fruit I was because fruit DON’T THINK :P Git. *mumbles*

  5. You must buy 6 pairs of one item of clothing and only one (ex. shirts, pants, socks, etc. but not shirts AND socks, that would be madness), what article do you intend on stocking up on?
    Binders:P (no actually 12 binders would be a lot and I don’t plan to need that many more, oh gawd no :/). Dress shirts maybe, yeah.

  6. Congratulations! You are now the head of the BBC (or major telecommunications corporation of your choice), what is the first order of business?
    Fire Steven Moffat and hire many good writers, half of them women (and in general people with open minds and fresh ideas)

  7. The next Nobel prize winning novel should be about _____?
    I haven’t read many Nobel prize winning novels and I can’t say I trust Nobel prizes. I mean, wtf The EUgot one for PEACE. Really? :P
    I don’t know. I don’t read books because they got prizes I read books because I want to read them, so a golden sticker will only irritate me (I hate stickers on books:P)

  8. The human race is weak. The solution: splicing our DNA with animals! You are going to make centaurs! Or chimaeras, however you want to think about it. What animals will you splice with human DNA? (Note: if taurs, you may not choose horses, be creative) (Second Note: you cannot use more than one animal, human + 1 animal) (Third Note: Yes, it has to be humans, I’m not looking for batfish or something)

  9. What is your preferred nose? Draw me your ideal nose!
    Preferred nose? WHAT?! There’s no ideal nose, what is this, eugenics?:P I refuse to answer!

  10. BAD FIC TIME! Self-insert in your favorite universe. Minimum length: 1 sentence. Do it. Go now. Write the bad fic. You know you want to.
    Harry won, at last; he was now The Master of the known universe and he could afford to take a little break.