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QuestionMost memorable birthday? Best gift you ever gave or got from someone? What’s your theory on deja vu? Are you sentimental? Do you like to save old things like postcards and souvenirs? Which comes first, friends or family? What do you admire the most in your best friend? What is your best memory? Answer

I dont have memorable birthdays.
Best gift I ever got, hm. a suit.
I am not sure how I feel about deja vu. Happens to me a lot and it messes me up a bit because I can’t explain it.
Sensitive sometimes, maybe, sentimental, I wouldnt say so.
Depends whether they mean something to me or not. If not anymore, I get rid of them, I’ve done it lots of times.
Friend or family: me. I dont have many friends and I dont have a family. I’m a one man family:P I think this question applies to really young people. I cant compare, they are different things.
Best friend: I admire their bright mind.
Best memory: a play I watched in 2012

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QuestionWhat was the best and worst vacation or trip you've ever been on? Answer

All the trips during the summer. I really REALLY hate summer.

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QuestionWrite something based on these nouns: dream, glasses, river. Go! Answer

"I once had a dream where I lost my glasses while trying to jump over a river. The weird thing is, I dont even wear glasses. I wonder that that dream meant, is it about perspective, or it meant that, while trying to achieve something, you might lose something else? I’ll never know. "

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QuestionIf you could become the Bad Wolf , would you ? Answer

I am human and I think I’d die if I the Time Vortex filled my body, so, no, I wouldnt want that

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QuestionIf you could have anyone locked in a room so that you could torture them for a day, whom would you choose and how would you torture them? Answer

I’d rather not indicate the people I’d like to torture.

Also torture for torture’s sake or fun?
I’ll reply for fun.
I’d collar them and explain the implications, would give them some time to think about that and explain what it means to them and how they feel about it, I’d probably use a flogger and a whop, spanking to sweeten the deal:P, leather and latex, possibly liquid latex (always wanted to play with that), makeup, nipple clamps, CBT if that person had male genitalia, anal beads, vibrators, a speculum for intimidation, maybe (not a big fan but I appreciate the chills it gives people), shackles, mind control, humiliation and I’m stumped. I’m out of form, actually

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QuestionWhat has no beginning, end, or middle? Answer


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QuestionWhere did you get the shirt you are wearing? Who was the last person to make you laugh? One thing you want right now? What do you miss the most about elementary school? Lyrics to the song you’re listening to? Answer

The shirt I’m wearing now was bought in Piraeus and has an embroidered pattern drawn by me and embroidered by a shop located also in Piraeus (Piraeus is in Greece). The pattern’s the logo of the Archangel Network from the last 2 episodes f season 3 of (new) Doctor Who.
The last person to make me laugh was my friend Lucy.
One thing I want right now is financial security.
I dont miss anything from elementary school.
I am not listening to anything right now but let me see what I was listening to…

Pulp - The Day After The Revolution

"The dust has settled
replaced the bulbs in all the lights
I guess I’ll get no sleep tonight

A revolution happened:
Oh sorry, you haven’t heard?
We are the children of the new world

If you’re quiet you can watch if you like
They say the future’s beginning tonight
Whole empires will crumble
Civilisations will fall
Lie on the bed hear the sound of it all
No anger, no guilt and no sorrow:
it sounds unlikely, I know
but tomorrow, you will wake up to find
that your whole life has changed
Although nothing looks different
a revolution took place

I love the way you do it
I love the way you put them on
You know the answers but you get it wrong
(Just to confuse things)
Why did it seem so difficult
to realise a simple truth?
The revolution begins and ends with you

Now all the breakdowns and nightmares look small
Now we decided not to die after all
Because the meek shall inherit absolutely nothing at all
If you stopped being so feeble, you could have so much more
The answer was here all the time, you see
Just how I missed it is a mystery to me
I have waited and waited for this day to arrive
The revolution was televised
Now it’s over, bye bye
It’s over, bye bye
It’s over, bye bye

Yeah, we made it
Just by the skin of your teeth
Perfection is over
(The Rave is over)
Sheffield is over
The Fear is over
Guilt is over
(Please leave the building quietly)
Soul is over
Bergerac is over
The hangover is over
Men are over
Women are over
Cholesterol is over
Tapers are over
The breakdown is over
Irony is over
Bye Bye

Bye Bye”

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QuestionWhich actor would you want to play you in a film about your life? Answer

I dont think my life would ever make a film

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QuestionWhat is the strangest thing you've ever done? Answer

By whose standards? I dont know. I dont think I’ve done strange things.
But maybe someone’d think that, for example,  practicing BDSM is strange, but it’s not strange to me. Maybe by my standards and personality, the strangest things I’ve done was leave my country without actually having a plan and not telling my folks.

AnonHour! Shoot!
(dont disappoint me like the other day:P)

I’m really really stressed and angry and I’d appreciate questions and discussion starters

…or dont anon me anything :P
I’m making a poster for some friends. They have an event on Halloween and one of the guys has an incredible mustache

I’m working late and I’m a bit lonely, so:
Anon hour. Shoot!

Pulp - This Is Hardcore

ask-steelflower-and-flamewriter replied to your post “I’ve been thinking… I’ve read some things on how testosterone affects…”

Just know it’s actually completely normal and whatever happens I’m still here.

I didnt think it was abnormal. I dont think I’m abnormal but thank you for reassuring me.

I’ve been thinking… I’ve read some things on how testosterone affects your psychology, plus my doctor told me this Monday, but there’s no way to tell how it’ll affect me per se, as it’s different for every person.
Chances are that I’ll be overwhelmed by the physical changes, no matter how small/slow they’ll be, so I’ll miss some things. If you notice my personality changing a bit after I start taking testosterone, I’d appreciate it if you told me (privately, ofc ); I really need the perspective.

It’s going to be a very important period of my life and I’d need all the psychological support I can find, so I hope I can count on (some of) you.

Thank you